Monday, October 12, 2015

Understanding the Enigma of Individual Paradox in Connections and Marriage

I could tell that Honest and Exotic had been "bad" when they joined my office. Perhaps it was their demure mind-set as if they were keeping a large key. It did not take an extended time for them to acknowledge even though having sex isn't exactly a deadly sin for a couple.

"Um... We split the guidelines. We're sorry. We did not adhere to the plan." Honest considered me guiltily and patiently waited for my reaction. After a minor doubt, I hopped out of my chair and seemed down at them in the sternest countenance I could collect. Then I shaken my hand in their encounters.

"You sexy, sexy children!" I yelled.

It was enough. Honest and Exotic flattened in convulsive fun that introduced them close to crying. My instinct had been appropriate. They realized me well enough to know that I was feigning my over-the-top rage. They experienced it hugely but my hysterical act was providing a significant objective. I had used them while talking about their unsuccessful task. That reality had effects for the future: I may not be making an investment my ego in their conformity and may not be using pity to corral their actions. My act had strengthened the protection of our upcoming connection and I could see that the stress had remaining their shoulder area. But this small benefit was not my unique objective. I was after larger game.

Frank and Sandy's "failure" did not shock me. They had come for sex treatment because of Frank's sex-related erection problems during the year before. Exotic had a substantial sex-related hunger and Honest had tried hard to please. But eventually Frank's embarrassing problems had lead in the common prevention. Their task may seem a bit outrageous but they were to prevent sex-related activity and exercise similar self satisfaction for two several weeks.

Parallel self satisfaction training is an approach that I've used to help many partners who have come to me with sex-related complications. It details a problem in lovemaking when over-focusing on a sex-related result is often self-defeating. Goal-driven actions prevents sex-related responses. "Easy does it" should be the slogan. Honest and Exotic obviously helped from the latter when they vocally decided to forget about sex-related activity. Their agreement had launched Honest from the difficult liability of ensuring Sandy's satisfaction. Perhaps it was also the case that he no more time terrifying resulting in her disappointment. His launch from liability permitted him to become responsive and switched on. That's how it works.